Apple Diet

Artificial sweetener & its bitter truth

Are you replacing your natural sugar with the artificial sweetener? If the answer is yes,

Then you must need to know what these actually do to your body.

The sweetener which you add to your tea/coffee actually confuses the body which then demands a calorie dense food almost immediately.

You must have seen many people having a diet coke along with a burger, pizza etc.

So basically we are just ending up eating a bad crab along with a bad fat or a Tran’s fat.

There are a lot of researches which prove that regular consumption of these would even lead to certain types of disease like:

.>. Cancer                        

.>. Acidity                        

.>. Obesity

.>. Memory loss

.>. Thyroid malfunction

So it is high time to ditch this ugly sweetener & it is always better to have 1 tsp of sugar in your tea/coffee, as it will count only 20 calories.

Remember no pill or a powder can melt your fat.

So go easy & have natural foods instead shifting your focuses to artificial foods.